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Skrip MC Program "How to Write an Essay"

Get Attention
May I have your attention please. In few minutes we will start the program.
I would like remind all of you to sit properly set your phone silent as we go along this program.

Welcome and Salutation
A very warm welcome to
• our honourable speaker: En Jaafar and Cik Noorhayani
• the coordinator of this program, i-GURU members and KRIM,
• teachers, students and all.

Assalamu alaikum wbt.

Alhamdulillah rabbil alamin … Welcome to our workshop today, entitled “Bengkel How to Write an Essay” organized by Ikatan Guru-guru Muslim Malaysia or i-GURU, with cooperation of Kelab Remaja ISMA (KRIM).

Program Introduction
We are here today to enhance our skill in mastering English especially on writing an essay. I would like to thank all of you for attending this program although your schooling is now on holiday. Just remember, learning is a lifelong process.

As a quick intro on why we are here today, Ministry of Education has put a requirement that in order to have SPM certificate, one needs to pass Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah and English. This is why i-GURU feels the urgency to help our students, especially of our Malays, to master in English. Statistic shows that the percentage of passing amoing Malay students is not much encouraging.

So i-GURU comes with this program, which tries to give motivation and techniques to master in English. As for your information, i-GURU or Ikatan Guru-Guru Muslim Malaysia is an NGO established to elevate the teaching profession, to ensure the well-being of students and to provide their contemporary needs.

The objective of this program are
• for the participants to master the techniques on how to write and get familiar with them
• to boost the motivation among participants to learn English and to learn more
• as a medium to get know each other among the participants, parents and the organizers (i-GURU and KRIM)

So here is the tentive for this program. It will also be displayed around this hall for you to refer:
9.00-10.30 : Slot 1: Motivation
10.30-1.00 : Slot on How to Write an Essay
Break and zuhur prayer
2.30-4.30 : Workshop
4.30-5.00 Closing, Tea session dan Asar Prayer.

Let us pray that this program will go smooth and achieve its objectives. Allahummaftah … O Allah, open the gates of knowledge and wisdom for us, and shower upon us your blessings. O Possessor of Majesty and Reverence’. Rabbana atina … "Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.” Ameen.

First Slot (Motivasi)
Now for the first slot here, I would like to invite En Jaafar b Othaman to give his talk on motivation.

Here is a quick introduction about him.
He is Jaafar bin Othaman from Batu Gajah Perak. He grew up and currently lives there.
He is an experienced motivator of more than 10 years with company: Pure Base Training Centre
He graduated from UTM Skudai in Engineering.
Currently lives happily with his family of a wife and a son.

Hope that you can give full attention and grab all the inspirations from his speech. Now please welcome our speaker, En Jaafar.

Thank you En Jaafar b Othaman for the inspirational session just now. Hope that everyone gains all the benefits to be a bright and motivated student.

Now I would like to invite our program advisor, Ustazah Noorakhilah bt Baharin, accompanied by program director, Siti Rabiatul Adawiah to give our token of appreciation to our speaker, En Jaafar ... A big thank you again.

Now is time for break. We will take a break for half an hour. There are food and drinks for you to take. We will meet again at 10:30 for the next session. Thank you.

Slot “How to Write an Essay”
* Get Attention
For the next session, I would like to invite Cik Noorhayani Mohd Ibrahim for our main slot today on “How to Write an Essay”.

Here is a brief introduction about her.
Cik Noorhayani comes from Bota Perak. She is an experienced teacher from MRSM Parit. She got about 10 years of teaching experience. Before MRSM Parit, she teached in MRSM Ulul Albab, Besut. She graduated from UIA and UPSI. SERATA

Hope that you can give full attention and grab all the important points from this session. Now please welcome.

Thank you Cik Noorhayani Mohd Ibrahim for her informative session just now. Hope that everyone get and remember all the important points just now as we will practice writing an essay later after this.

Break and Photography Session
Now is time for lunch. We will take a break until 2:30 PM. There are lunches available for you to take. We will meet again here for the next session at 2:30.

For Zuhur prayer, we will pray together at Pusat Islam UniKL at 1:30 PM. The committee will help you to go there for prayer.

But before that, can we have all the particapants to come forward for the photography session. We will have the photography session before the lunch. Now please everybody to come forward. Thank you.

* Get Attention
Now is time for the next session, workshop on how to write an essay. I would like to invite our speaker, Cik Noorhayani to handle the next session. Please welcome.

Thank you to our speaker for her workshop just now. Hope that everyone get all the important points and master them to be good at writing an essay. A big thank you again.

Closing Remark and Present
Now we are at the closing of the this program. Please welcome Ustazah Noorakhilah bt Baharin, to the stage to give her final remark. She is the the advisor of this program and also the central committee of i-GURU which in charge of student development. Please welcome.

Thank you Ustazah Noorakhilah for the important remarks just now. Next, I would like to invite our speaker, Cik Noorhayani to give away the certificates to our participants. The participants will be called according to the group ...

Last but not least, I would like to invite Ustazah Noorakhilah, the advisor of this program to give our appreciation to our helpful speaker, Cik Noorhayani. Please welcome.

Final and Thank You
So that is the final of today's program. After this, we will have tea session and Asar prayer before everybody get dismiss.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and making this workshop today “How to Write an Essay” a succesful event. I hope that everybody here meets their expectation and gains all the benefits from this program,

On behalf of the organizing committee, i-GURU and KRIM, I would like to apologize for all the mistakes and unconveniences throughout the program. Thank you for attending this program. Hope that we can see each other again next time.

Subhanakallahumma …

Wassalamu alaikum wbt.


Peranan MC
• mempengerusikan setiap slot
• mc majlis penutup
• menghidupkan suasana program
• mengingatkan peserta tentang tentatif / perjalanan program

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