Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cepat Dimasak Sedap Dimakan

Mee Maggi 
Cepat Dimasak Lebih Sedap Dimakan

"As with other industrial fastfood products, instant noodles use many chemical ingredients, such as food colorings, preservatives and flavorings, that we should be wary of. Although they have minimal effects if consumed rarely, if consumed over a long time, the chemical substances will accumulate in one's body and later disturb the body's metabolism because essentially they are poisons."

"they are usually less nutrient dense than whole foods. The more a food is processed to make it instant, the more vitamins and minerals are lost. Fresh or whole foods that have not been processed are a much healthier choice."

There is usually a lot of sodium in instant noodles which is not good for the blood or our arteries.

"... many pregnant women who consume large amounts of instant noodles suffer miscarriages"

Styrofoam, which is often used in instant noodles packaging, can cause cancer
[Ehsan wikianswers dan thejakartapost]

Wow, rasanya semua orang dah tau betapa tak bagusnya kalau selalu makan makanan segera ni. Tapi, siapalah yang peduli dengan benda macamni? Sebab dia cepat. Dan dia sedap. Best!

Edit: www.maggi.com.my

Jangan mee-maggikan usrah! Ummat mengharapkan masa anda. Banyakkan lagi proses synthesis melalui nukleus ini. Masalah masih berderet. Aspek tarbiyyah banyak lagi yang belum terbina. Optimumkannya.

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